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Generate Multiple Streams Of Income

by David W. Schaible

In hard economic times, it's wise to look for ways to multiply your income. A paycheck simply won't cut it these days.

Do you find yourself living from payday to payday? You're not alone. In fact, that's how the majority of us live. Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be a way out. You've got to meet your obligations, and perhaps you feel that's the best you can do.

However, here's some good news. With a little creativity and little expense, you can generate multiple streams of income to enhance the family assets. Here are a few ideas.

If you have a little familiarity with the net, you're halfway there. A website can be the answer to leveraging a modest investment into multiple streams of income.

Think about what you know. If you're working as a secretary, you can set up a website offering your services as a “virtual assistant”. A virtual assistant provides secretarial services on a telecommute basis to clients around the world.

Additionally, you can place advertising banners linking to other sites with services related to, but outside your capacity. Advertising banners pay commissions for each sale that results from a “click-through” from your site.

You can set up links to Amazon or other book sites. You can link to Audio book sites as well. Advertising books relevant to your customer's needs is a great way to gain customer trust and appreciation and at the same time earn handsome commissions for each sale.

Without too much trouble, you can write a monthly newsletter, including links to sites your customers will find rewarding and for which you'll gain another source of multiple streams of income.

No matter what your “day job” is, you can generate multiple streams of income to enhance and build off your paycheck job. Advertising is key in your search for added income.

Are you a mechanic? Why not set up your website, filled with information on cars, with advertising links to resources, books, car parts, junkyards and car shows? Garner your commissions for sales on click-throughs, creating multiple streams of income to add to your weekly paycheck.

Writers are notoriously underpaid. The self-employed writer has many “dry” periods where no income whatsoever is forthcoming. Set up your own website, packed with information and articles – you're a writer, right? Write your own newsletter, including links to resources and products your audience will find helpful and gain commissions and advertising income to boot!

The net is a boon to every profession. You have something to offer to the world at large. You just have to let them know! When you do, you'll realize the benefits of multiple streams of income.

To your success,

The Net Business Ventures Editor

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